Visiting Professor – ISC Paris


The past month of march, I have the opportunity to spent a week in Paris thanks to Erasmus TS program between UCV and ISC. This program allow teacher exchange between two different Universities in Europe in order to promote exchange of knowledge and research.

In this occasion, I have the pleasure to be with 25 students of International MBA program at ISC Paris. Students from different backgrounds but mainly from France. I share with them several lectures about Change Management, but in particular about: Leadership and Management; Power, Politics and Change; and Cultural Change.

One of the most beautiful experiences was that just on the first day, the students invite me to go and have lunch together, so I could share with them not only my professional experiencies but also my personal international relations expertise. The mayority of them had previous international experiences, so it was very glad to realize the relevance and importance of international experience abroad during the years of university. Specificaly, in order to find a job in a short period of time.

By other hand, most of them have in common the avaliability to travel or live abroad, in a different country and culture. This was one of the reason why I consider very relevant to talk more about “Cultural Differences” in different places all over the world.

Finally, thanks to Professors Sabine Bacouel and Raphael Dornier, I had the posibility to give a “Research Seminar” for Faculty and Doctoral Students about one of my topics of research: “Ethical Leadershipo and Knowledge Management”. I think that they like it, even though that it was quite theoretical approach to the field.

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